Why choose Joey LoVullo High Performance Tennis?

  • With a special focus on developing strong technique and a personal bond with each student, our program provides a family feel with experienced coaches that produce results.
  • Our program offers a distinctive teaching philosophy that addresses the skill level of each player and their unique abilities
  • We know that individualized attention makes better players.  That’s why we NEVER go above 4/1 student/ ratio
  • We initially focus on the technical aspects of the game, because having a solid foundation is essential to developing success on the tennis court.


What we offer our students:

  • Comprehensive technical instruction along with drills and supervised match play.
  • The opportunity to hit thousands of balls while focusing on perfecting your technical skills as well as learning the tactical and footwork aspects of the sport.
  • A lower coach to player ratio the program introduces fun and positive aspects of practice and playing.
  • We consistently provide one-on-one instruction, ensuring that each player gets dedicated help during the program ensuring his or her technique is always a major focus of our program.

After School Programs

After School Programs

Our After School Program is a results-oriented junior tennis program. While specializing in a complete instruction plan for ages 3-18, we focus on building the right technical foundation, consistent physical training, and imparting the psychology of competitive success. Joey LoVullo, head pro at Mission Bay, is excited to bring a more personalized approach with a customized training progression and low student:teacher ratio.

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